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A Warm Fall Season and a Warming Kava Cleanse

What’s on the menu this fall at Desert Sol?

Well, if you haven’t already heard me personally rave about it, or have yet to hear about it, I’d like to introduce you to special herb named Kava.

Kava has been growing in popularity in recent years because it’s an herb that has a unique ability to instill an almost immediate sense mental peace and physical relaxation when taken. And although there are other herbs work more subtly or fortify body systems over time, kava takes to our increasing desire for immediacy, making it possibly the perfect herb for these times we live in -

“I want to relax.. but like, Now..”

Kava, or Piper methysticum, is a plant native to Pacific Islands like Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii. It has been used by it’s natives for centuries to help bridge conflict and foster connections within tribal gatherings. Traditionally, the root would be chewed up, spat into a bowl of soon-to-be milky water which would then be past around the circle of people. The kava would gently numb the mouth and foster a euphoria amongst the group, helping them to connect on a deeper level, in a collected heart-space.

Imagine if our modern politicians met and made world-impacting decisions this way..

(a moment of deep thought..)

Aaaand back to reality…

The convenient thing about reality is that we can create our own.. one that happens to include kava and is both blissful and meaningful. With that in mind('s eye), we are happy and humbled to be including kava as part of your massage experience at Desert Sol. Let's call it a Kava Cleanse if we will..

As part of it, we’ve created a deeply warming and circulation enhancing kava infused massage oil with black pepper, ginger, peppermint and grapefruit essential oils. The kava works to relax the nervous system, while the black pepper and ginger root essential oils work to warm and increase the blood flow throughout the body, and even help to break down fats! The peppermint and grapefruit work on the more superficial layers of the skin to help to stimulate lymphatic flow and create a light and pleasant cooling sensation on the body.

Before the massage starts we will also be offering some kava tincture we’ve made in house. Our kava tincture has been extracted (after macerating for six weeks) in a menstrum of grain alcohol and spring water. The taste is spicy, earthy and the relaxing effects of the tincture can be felt immediately. The tone is set, and the massage experience takes it’s course.. relaxation from the inside out. :)

Lastly, i want to make it clear that all of this is included in the price of your massage and it is completely optional to try the kava. From a holistic perspective, I really love the idea of surrounding the bodywork session with herbs. Herbs like kava help nourish the body and mind in places in that massage alone may not be able to go. Together, they

provide a more complete and complimentary experience.

If you happen you enjoy the kava massage oil or the tincture so much that you would like to take some home with you or as a gift, I'd be happy to bottle you up some for purchase to take home with you.

Thank you all for reading. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and an amazing meal with your loved ones. Feel free to call or ask me any questions you may have about booking a massage or about kava. Hope to see you all soon!

Blessings and Gratitude,

Gabe from Desert Sol Massage

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